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Amazing Product!

I have so much more clarity and focus since I have been taking Ultimate Brain Power. I am able to remember things and not forget things like I used to. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!

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Julie Edwards

Placerville, CA


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Angela Barraza

Santa Clara, CA

Powerful Herbal Extracts


Lion's Mane extract is a very powerful mushroom that has been used for thousands of years to help improve memory, focus and longevity.

The main constituents of the Lion's Mane Extract are Hericenones and erinacines, which are capable of inducing NGF or Nerve Growth Factor synthesis in neurons throughout the brain and nervous system.


Bacopa Monieri is an ancient Ayurvedic herb, also known as Brahmi. It is considered the "herb of intelligence" as its many known contituents have ben found to reduce inflammation in the brain's microglial system, and also by reducing Reactive oxygen species, and inhibits production of Amyloid-Beta placques that give rise to Alzheimer's disease. 

The main consituents  are Bacoside A, Bacoside B, Bacosaponins and Betulinic acids which all help to reverse Cognitive decline by upregulating the NRF2 regulatory pathways that help to scavenge free radicals and ROS's from the brain and nervous system. 

What Are The Full Benefits of Ultimate Brain Power

Combining all of the most essential nutrients and herbal extracts to optimize brain health, improve memory and focus, and provide all-day energy without crashing or being wired and jittery.

Neuronal Protection

Secret #1

With the addition of powerful antioxidants and immune-regulatory herbal compounds, your brain cells are protected from inflammation, LPS and oxidative stress..

Processing Speed

Secret #2

Precise neuropeptide precursors will help to activate important neural pathways for faster mental processing speeds, memory and all day energy.

Precise Nutrient Profile

Secret #3

With a good variety of neuro-activators and neuro-inhibitory amino acids, minerals and adaptogenic herbs, your brain and mental energy will have the right balance of activation and relaxation to give you all day energy, memory and focus without side effects.