Inflammation Hurts

Natural Solutions To Eradicate
The Underlying Triggers That Cause INFLAMMATION

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Inflammation is something that effects us all!

There are literally thousands of various chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, pathogens, bacteria, molds, pesticides, VOC's, and synthetic chemicals that contribute to our modern epidemic of "CHRONIC INFLAMMATION".

When toxins overwhelm your Liver, and end up remaining stuck in your bloodstream, thse toxins and heavy metals can combine with O2 molecules in your blood, forming compounds known as Oxides, which can lead to Oxidative Stress and Lipid Peroxidation.


Oxidative stress is a process that damages your cell membranes and causes Cell wall membrane fragments to be released which then land on receptors on your immune cells called TLR’s, toll-like receptors.

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Once these TOLL-LIKE RECEPTORS on your immune cells are activated, triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions inside the immune cell, in what is called the Nf-kb nuclear factor kappa beta pathway...

             .....Which essentially signals to the immune cells DNA to code for more Cytokines like IL-1 interleukin 1, IL-6, and IL-17 which are chemical messengers that get released by the immune cells.

These chemical messengers called Cytokines go land on other immune cells TLR’s, toll-like receptors, and then those immune cells will also start making more IL-1’s and IL-6’s (cytokines that create inflammation) and this is how “Inflammation” spreads through your tissues, via these chemical messengers called cytokines.


These cytokines, like IL-1, IL-6, IL-17 are created by T-helper cells to “help” your killer T-cells to target and kill off the “foreign invader”.

However, in this case, it may just be an unbound heavy metal oxide that is creating this cascade of inflammation.


So in order to mitigate the horrible inflammation that can be caused by chemicals, heavy metals like Mercury, Copper and Aluminum, and synthetic fragrances, and pollution or Viruses and Gut bacteria getting into the bloodstream, you need to:

  1. Don’t try to eliminate too many toxins all at once!

You must get adequate rest and sleep to help balance the nervous system, to keep you in the Parasympathetic nervous system, long enough to allow your Vagus nerve to help innervate your Liver, Gallbladder, Intestines and colon motility, for proper purging of this heavy metal in a most efficient manner.

The effects of Toxins and Pathogenic Molds and Bacteria coming out of the cells can cause your nervous system to go into “Fight-or-Flight” which will actually inhibit peristalsis of the gallbladder and intestines, slowing down your body's ability to actually eliminate the Toxins and Pathogens completely, and instead can just circulate around the blood and agitate your brain and nervous system which can make you very emotional and agitated or cause your skin, fascia, joints, nerves and other sensitive tissues to become inflamed!

All of this is very likely to occur if you start detoxing in a “too direct” way, and by not fully supporting your gut health and cellular antioxidants that protect your cell membranes from the oxidative stress and INFLAMMATION that these Toxins will cause your tissues...

....Which is likely to happen as these Toxins are leaving the their hiding places all over your body and tissues.

How To Remove Environmental Toxins From Your Body

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