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Ultimate Brain Power Product Page

Ultimate Brain Power Product Page

The ultimate combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to give your brain all of the nutrients and cofactors for optimal processing speeds and cognitive functions



Inflammation HurtsNatural Solutions To EradicateThe Underlying Triggers That Cause INFLAMMATIONCheck Out Our Exclusive Products that Eliminate Inflammation:Eliminate InflammationSub TextInflammation is something that effects us all!There are literally thousands of various chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, pathogens, bacteria, molds, pesticides, VOC’s, and

Pure Gold Essentials

Pure Gold Essentials

Pure Gold Essentials is our sister line of Pure essential oil products, for health, beauty and wellness.

Get the Health You Need

Relax and know that your health needs are being met naturally through the correct balance of nutrients, antioxidants and high quality ingredients that safeguard your cells and DNA from the toxic effects of modern day pollution, stress and poor diet.




ALEX TUGGLE L.Ac.Practitioner and ConsultantAll of the Functional Compounds formulas were designed and formulated by 2nd generation acupuncturist, herbalist and Nutritional expert Alex Tuggle L.Ac.After over 10 years of personal clinical experience and research into adaptogenic herbs, nutrient functions, metabolic

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Look at our fine health products that will allow you to live your life full of energy, vitality and without the aches and pains of modern living, even if you are on a budget or need powerful solutions to your health condition.